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Swimgerie = swimwear + lingerie


Luxury brand focused on handmade swimwear and beach sortiment with Swarovski components.

Lacrostine is a combination of words:

LADA - Slavic goddess of beauty,



KRISTINA - name of the founder.

The main priorities are high quality of offered products, original design & comfort. Swarovski crystals also contribute to the uniqueness of each model.

Our greatest inspiration is flowers. Each collection bears the name of a flower that inspired of the whole collection. Precisely crocheted timeless lace with Swarovski crystals are the main atributess of our swimgerie that is exlusively original, emhasizing feminity and beauty. Our products are more than just swimsuits. They can be worn as a top during warm summer days or as a lingerie underneath the sweater or shirt.

Lacrostine is focused on slow fashion. Our swimsuits are made of quality and natural materials thanks to which you will feel extremely comfortable and attractive while wearing them. As if they were your second skin and you are a true goddess.

Thanks to their timeless design and quality material, they will be your best companion for many years.

Our swimwear is made in the middle of Europe - in Slovakia from Czech materials and Austrian crystals.

​We love nature, therefore we decided to select one model from each collection where you can contribute 5€ to marine pollution foundation.

We create  #queengerie

About a brand founder.

The person behind the creation of the brand is a young and ambitious woman from Slovakia - Kristína Tučeková

Kristína graduated Secondary Graphic Art School and later the university with a focus on Public Administration and Public Policy.

Since her early childhood she has devoted herself to creative handwork, and her relationship with art and fashion has always been very intense and positive.

In 2014, she began to create her first models.

Firstly, she created tops and all other parts of clothing like skirts, dresses,... Then, she created her own swimsuits.

She worked hard to improve her models until the day when she finally decided to introduce her own brand to the world.

The brand fulfills many of her dreams. One of which is being able to put her creativity into something that she loves and at the same time to contribute to making this world more beautiful (and women more confident), because when people feel beautiful, they are happy. And when they are happy, there is no place for any more conflicts. ;)

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